i-BGP :: Case / Virtual Network Operator


Provide billing support for Virtual Network Operators - ie. operators that do not own a telecommunications network but market under their brand name telecom services over leased resources.


  • Resellers are companies that have a carrier license but do not own a telecommunications switch. They rely on partner carriers to obtain EDR information and ideally they wish to receive EDRs in near real time. Moreover, they need EDR files to be in a format that they can directly use in their own processing cycle.

  • Billing systems usually first qualify and rate calls before making call details available to the users. This cycle can be long and requires human intervention for troubleshooting.


iBGP supports a very flexible model to implement filtering criteria and can easily route selected EDRs to individual files. By selecting the VNO's EDRs at the source it is possible to forward the data in close to real time to the VNO. Furthermore, the iBGPs capability to output files in ASCII or binary formats, empowers the user to define a specific format for each Telecom Reseller. Such a solution provides an added value service that is indispensable to VNOs. Additionaly, by selecting EDRs at the source, human intervention can be minimized and the whole process can be made more reliable.


In this situation, iBGP provides a value added service and simplified the process to support VNOs. Value added services would increasingly count as the industry becomes more competitive, and such features may help a company increase their market share.