Database Hosting

Set of Data cleaning, matching, deduplicating services used for managing databases of users/subscribers and their contact details.

Business elements Online ltd provides a set of Data Services oriented to the Direct Marketing Industry to facilitate and improve the quality of direct communication with a targeted audience. As a reference, the diagram here below presents the architecture of the services with a grid showing the availability and status for each service. These services will be referenced and marketed through the web site and trademark i-audience.
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Name of service Status
X-Cast :: Email Broadcasting
Up and Running. Capacity 8,000 per hour
X-Cast :: Fax Broadcasting
Up and Running. Capacity of 1,500 per day
X-Cast :: Print Broadcasting
Up and Running. Capacity of 50,000 per day
V.Ch.K :: De-duplication and Data Cleaning
Up and Running. 3 Milion records per hour
Secured Exchange Server
In development expected end of April 2004
List Registry :: Search & Rent
In development expected Mid May 2004
List Management
Development not started yet expected Q3 2004