BeoWidgets Show Case

UI Components For an Interactive Web

BeoWidgets is a light and extensible library of components built around the XML/XSLT, CSS & Javascript architecture. It's interactive and it optimizes exchanges with the server to make the user experience more natural.

The library contains in it's default distribution the following components:

  1. Ajax calls, updates and XSLT transformations
  2. Standard & extended Buttons
  3. Standard, extended & complexe inline Input Editors
  4. Grids that support editing, grouping, col/row freezing, navigation like in a spreadsheet and much more..
  5. Dialogs
  6. Popular Rich Editors are integrated

We decided to present the library as it is, although it still has a significant amount of bugs and some core features are still missing. It will at least give you a feel for the architecture and its advantages.

There is no download available yet, but the library will be available free of charge under the GNU license agreement.

I hope that you will enjoy testing these components and please feel free to send us your suggestions and questions.